Our Coffee: Single-Origin Coffee- for that unique taste

Single Origin (SO) signifies produce from a specific geographical location with distinct characteristics. S. O. is the designation for espressos based on green coffees from distinguished single growing regions.

This is a fine single-origin green coffee coming from trees of an interspecies hybrid that crosses Robusta, with another species of coffee entirely, Coffea congensis. Hence the acronym: Congensis into Robusta, or C*R. This coffee is not only from the same region but also from the same estate. C*R, developed and grown in India, has proven to produce exceptional coffees with low-acidity, full-bodied style that European buyers admire. It is a special sun-dried example of this hybrid species, impeccably processed on our estate. We pride ourself on roasting and shipping coffee only after orders are received. Our mission is to bring some warmth from the coffee-growing high ranges of Kerala to your coffee table. We take personal care in the entire cycle of production of the coffee beans. Our coffee is all about the pursuit of the bliss that a cup of coffee provides. We strive to deliver fresh, every time you order. We roast it only on receiving your order and it is shipped within twenty four hours off the roaster. Single-origin coffee from our estate perfectly roasted revealing the flavors in the bean. You will be experiencing a world-class, craft coffee experience in your home. We are sure experiencing our coffee, you will like to talk about it. This is a single origin (S.O.) coffee exclusively from our estate.

This coffee produces one of the best espressos. It is also equally good when brewed as filter coffee, Italian stovetop espresso or in a french press. An easy-drinking straight shot it is also an opportunity for aficionados to sample pure, unblended hybrid as a single origin espresso or filter coffee. We are proud of our coffee which is second to none in the world. It is produced with passion, with great commitment to nature and to quality. Single-origin is just the start. Our single origin is not only from the same region, but also from the same farm. We try to make sure that nothing but the top beans of the harvest arrives at your doorstep shipped within twenty four hours off the roaster.

Roasting-the magic of bringing the beans to life

Every coffee from every estate and region is different. Our skilled roaster, Stephen knows how to draw the best out of the bean. His commitment to ensuring that the best in coffee comes out of roasting enables us to deliver the coffee that you cherish every time you order.


Our coffee is roasted only when your order is received. It comes out of the roaster, into the bag, and it is on its way to you. It is all in the same day. This process enables us to assure that you are getting the best the coffee bean can offer.

Craft Coffee?

We produce our beans with great care. We turn them over to our roaster who roasts them for sweetness and brightness, highlighting their flavor profiles. You will realize that this is a coffee worth talking about. Coffee in your mug will make you think about the craft that makes it so good.

Your Own Barista

With some practice and the right equipment you can turn your coffee at home into an artform. You can perfect your pour over technique to maintain the perfect bloom or extract just the right balance from your AeroPress, but that will only get you halfway to a great cup of coffee. You’re going to need consistently amazing beans to complete the experience - and we will ship you the best coffee the world can deliver.

We Roast and Ship Every Week

Our coffee gets to you so fresh, that we specify the "drink after" date so that you don't drink it
before it's ready.

Pesticide Free

We do not use any pesticide in our estate. All our farm produce are pesticide free and
hygienically handled. We also protect the environment by sustaining the tropical vegetation inour estate.

Who Should Drink It:

Those connoisseurs, who would love an easy drinking straight shot and a pure unblended C*R
(Robusta hybrid} as a single-origin espresso. You would find this coffee matchless as filter
coffee or cappuccino too.

Coffee You Can Feel Good About

We at our estate make sure that our coffee is fresh, delicious, and perfectly roasted. We also ensure that it is ethically produced. Selling single-origin coffee, it is not the region alone, the farm, our cultural practices our approach to environment all these are important to us.

Preparing your Brew

Keep the roast beans in an airtight container only. Grind your daily requirement using a
household grinder or a specialized coffee grinder. Ideally use a table spoon of coffee powder per cup and brew using an espresso machine, Italian Stovetop espresso maker, South Indian coffee filter or a French press.