Our Story

We are a small estate in the high ranges of Kerala at an altitude of about three thousand feet above Mean Sea Level (MSL). Our estate is completely covered by natural rainforest trees. There are scores of tropical forest trees on the plantation. We have teak, rosewood, Jack trees, acacia, silver oak, and a multitude of other forest trees providing canopy for the coffee.

About ten years back we took a decision to make communion with nature. And this decision led to our developing this plantation. With a mean temperature of about 20 0 C almost round the year, it is a great place to live.

NEDUMANA COFFEE ESTATE is located in Kerala’s high ranges in the western ghats of Indian subcontinent. The entire estate is planted with hybrid coffee C*R variety under thick foliage. The hundred percent shade grown coffee gives the connoisseur a distinct experience. The shade grown coffee apart from being environmentally friendly is also of superior quality.

Our entire crop of coffee comes from C*R hybrid plants. C*R is a unique hybrid of two different species of coffee, Coffea Congensis and Coffea Robusta. This C*R produces exceptional coffees with low acidity and full body. This sun dried, specialty coffee, has been carefully processed and packaged at our estate. Roasted to a perfect medium dark city roast, the sweet aroma with notes of wood, dark chocolate and raisin are sure to satisfy the coffee lover in you. One cup of our high range single origin coffee will completely change the way you think about coffee. Our estate also grow pepper of superior quality. The pepper is processed as whole black pepper and white pepper.